Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Most pregnant women go through their nesting phase by mopping floors and dusting.  I, on the other hand, have been blessed with an extreme nesting instinct and I'm not alone.  Saturday morning my husband asked what we should do this weekend.  I threw out a couple of odds and ends jobs that were on my to-do list, including moving all the baby bathroom items to the upstairs bathroom.  I mentioned how that bathroom bothered me.  It was the same vibrant periwinkle color that is was when we moved in, and the butterfly shower curtain... blah!  
Before I knew it, stepladders and tools were being toted up the steps.  Without too much though, I ran to Menards to pick up some paint and the race was on to finish the bathroom makeover before I went into labor!
Two days and a whole $34 dollars later it was complete.  Check it out...

I'm terrible at remembering to take before pictures.  These "before" pictures are actually "half way done" pictures, but with the missing light fixtures, switch covers, and vanity the transformation looks even more dramatic. 
Our costs included one gallon and two trial sizes of paint, a new paint brush, paint trays, and tape.  After redeeming an in-store rebate I spent $26.
Then, to finish the decorating I spent $7 on shower curtain hooks and a buck on a curtain rod for the window.  
I painted brown stripes down a white shower curtain that I had been hiding in the back of the linen closet.  The red curtain over the window was made from fabric left over from a previous project.  Below is the custom-made wall art that I created from my handy supply of old barn siding.  
After and whopping $34 we have a new bathroom! 
 So the bathroom makeover is complete and I'm still pregnant. Hopefully, for my sanity's sake, my nesting will take a step down from steroid level and I can stick to mopping and dusting. Say a prayer that Baby decides to make his/her debut soon!  Thanks for stopping by!

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