Friday, March 11, 2011

Mustard, Mayo, Catch-up!!!

Haha! How CHEESY!  This is a cheer that we used to yell during our many loosing seasons of high school basketball.  This post, however, has nothing to do with food or basketball, only with catching up.  It has been over a month since my last post but I've been anything but idle.  I've been working on a really big project lately, which I will debut at a later time.  To tide you over until then, here is my latest creation, a comfy ottoman that will find a home in our soon-to-be finished basement. 


Here's the how-to...

 You will need...
fun fabric
some random 2x4 pieces
1 cheap sheet of plywood 18x48
1 cushion (look for a reminent if you buy from a craft store, this stuff is expensive!)
liquid nails
primer and paint
an assortment of screws and 4 hanger bolts
4 wooden post toppers (like what would be used to finish a deck)
staple gun

First, saw the plywood in half leaving two 18x24 inch pieces.  Next, cut the 2x4 into pieces that will be fixed into place around the edges the plywood.  Sandwich the 2x4's with the second sheet of plywood and screw into place.  Then, get painting!  I primed with this gray (or grey, whichever it is!) and then topped it with black.  Once the paint is dried, use the liquid nails to adhere the cushion to the unfinished side of your plywood sandwich.  Using the staple gun, fasten the fabric around the cushion to the underside (painted side) of the plywood.  Using hanger bolts, your next step is to fix one end into the wooden post topper, then twisting the post topper crew the other into the bottom of your cushion piece.  Repeat for the remaining post toppers. Finally, sit back and kick up your feet!

Presto! Its going to look great in the new basement! Those pictures to come!