Monday, January 31, 2011

Elmo Hat

Ahhhh.... What a neat feeling..... logging to find that I now have 5 , YES FIVE, followers! So what if I'm one of them?!  My wolf pack is growing exponentially, how exciting!  Well, I best get crackin' so I don't disappoint my audience!

The clean work room is so helpful to productivity.  My latest creation is an Elmo hat for my Little Miss.  Sesame Street is her favorite TV show, and Elmo, her favorite character; in part, because of her limited vocabulary and the fact that PBS is one of the few channels that comes in.  I found the idea on Girl in Air's blog. I chose to knit mine instead of crochet because I'm a very inexperienced crocheter. She posted a good clip that shows how to crochet the eyes and nose. I'm sure any basic crocheter can follow it, but mine turned into a collection of knots.  They were round, none the less, so I stitched them on.  The craftsmanship leaves something to be desired, but I'm still chalking it up as a success!

                                                      Ta Da!

Thanks to all my followers! Stay tuned for more!

Monday, January 17, 2011

NOT Another Manic Monday!

Finished! After much sorting, purging and rearranging, my work space is organized!  Persistence has been key, as I started my clean sweep last week, but I finished strong today and I vow that my work room will never see another manic Monday.   I sifted through old photo albums and random stacks of pictures with my relatively new "mommy filter," getting rid of any photo that I would have a hard time explaining to my daughter.  I sorted through tangled messes of failed knitting projects, and rearranged my mini library, grouping books by the color of their spine, which although less practical than by subject, is much more pleasing to the eye :)

I have included photos in black and white to keep save you from what I feel is a potential cause for my mess in the first place.  It was probably my attempt at hiding the very loud, navy blue, shag carpet. Puke!  As I cleaned I came across many projects that never got off the ground.  My hope is that with a tidy work space I'll bring many of my ideas to life!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dirty Little Secrets

I’m finding myself well into January and the simple fact that I still remember my new years resolutions means that they might just have a fighting chance.  My resolutions are never anything very specific because the more detailed they are the more room I have for failure.  So this year, among other things, I will try to be more focused, confident, informed and ORGANIZED. 

You see, I’m a hot mess, but I flatter myself to think that I hide it well.  That is except for my dirty little secret.  Our home is warm, clean and tidy until you find yourself at the top of the stairs.  The thoughts and ideas that wrestle around inside my head have manifested themselves in what I like to call my workroom, or what would be a workroom if any work could be done in it.  It is beyond messy with sewing projects in one corner and flowers and ribbon in another. An easel and paints have nestled themselves among our mini library and the carpet has been replaced by my scrapbooking paper, sewing patterns, and stacks of photographs.  Yesterday, after my daughter got stuck in a lampshade??? I knew the time had come to act on my resolution to be more organized!  Wish me luck!