Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Friday Freebies

It's Friday again, and our week was filled with all sorts of free projects to spruce up the house for fall.

I turned this October pantry staple into a perfect, FREE, seasonal decoration... compliments of Someday Crafts.

My spring grapevine wreath met with the corn field behind it and out came this fantastic corn husk wreath.  Total cost...$0.00!

I never know if it's necessary to include a "how-to," so if you are interested in making yourself one of these, and would like directions, just mention it in the comment section below.
This little guy is holding my favorite fall mix.
1 jar party peanuts
1 bag of M&M's
1 bag of candy corn

Not free, but close!

After many miserable failures at creating my own mini greenhouse, my Mom surprised me with this fantastic thing. 
I love changing the decor inside for each season!  Mason jars filled with a variety of nuts makes for a charming and FREE decoration.

Today's final freebie... this handsome scarecrow.   If you don't have a supply of old clothes to dress your scarecrow, visit a thrift store for something cheap, and if you don't have a super awesome brother who likes to deliver straw to your house, you can usually find one for less than $5.  Little Miss has been practicing how to smile for the camera.  It looks a little forced, but I think she's onto something!
She was a little unsure of the "scareman" at first...
but she slowly warmed up to him. 
Then she warmed up a little more...  

till she was hot for him!

I hope you can use some of these ideas decorate your home for fall!  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Link Love

Good morning!!  I'm spending my child-free morning catching up on some long overdue blog exploration. (Thank you for hosting a slumber party, Grandma!)  I recently found one called Six Sisters' Stuff, and this morning discovered they host a Saturday Link Party, so naturally, I linked up!  Check it out here!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Freebie Friday:Hand-me-down glam

Today marks week 38 of my pregnancy.  Baby number two seems to bake so much faster than baby number one.  My nesting phase has finally set in.  Little Miss and I spent the week shopping, organizing, and washing anything we could figure out how to take apart.  She is in heaven with all the baby seats and swings, turning them into napping places for her baby dolls.  She has grown up so much lately and says the funniest things such as "Hi Baby, I'm your big sister."  At our last doctor's appointment she told Doc "My Daddy loves this baby."  I almost cried!
Baby will have plenty of love and plenty of hand-me-downs.  So, for this week's freebie I wanted to come up with a fresh take on Little Miss' old clothes, starting with the onesies.  Every baby has them and every baby ruins them with generous doses of spit-up and massive blow-outs.  Here's my solution....

Actually, this solution is compliments of Simple Simon & Co.
Its called tea dying and you can get the tutorial by clicking on the name above.  
What you will need...
1) old stained onesies 
2) tea bags 
3) lace remnants
4) a few buttons
If you are a bit of a pack rat like myself these supplies should run you about $0.

Follow the dying tutorial then add lace and buttons wherever you see fit.  WaLa!! Vintage glam for a precious baby girl.  I'll let you know when I come up with a solution for baby boys.  
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Freebie Friday

 This week's freebie... admission to Fort Loramie's Fall Fest!!  Yahoo!  I'll be manning my little stand there all day Saturday.  Here are a couple of the things you can expect to find...

No, you can't buy my kiddo, however you can purchase this
wickedly cute tutu...
and this matching headband...

Or, how about getting yourself some candy corn that won't find its way to you hips but to your front door.  

This fall decoration might not taste as sweet but its sure to help your home welcome fall!
I hope you can all make it out to Fort Loramie's Fall Fest in the morning!  I'll be sitting with the farmer's market crew. You will find these goods and so much more!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Well Rounded

Why "Well Rounded" you ask?  A sculpture instructor of mine, Leesa Haapapuro, once described creativity as a well; If you constantly draw creative inspiration from your well without filling it back up, your creativity will run dry.  SO TRUE!  I'm not so sure there are many 100% absolutely original ideas out there.  I think that we all draw from life; things we see, hear, and experience.  Then, when something catches our eye we interpret it in our own way, and, BAM... creativity happens!

My favorite part of blog land is filling up my well by keeping up with other bloggers, mostly craft blogs.  Here is my short  list of blogs that are not to be missed... 

My old way of keeping track of fun ideas was to copy and paste an image into a Word document.  Then, I'd print them off or save them to my desktop. Both of these methods made for messy desktops.  My new way of saving and organizing pictures... Pinterest.  Check it out!

Saturday I'll be at Fall Fest in Fort Loramie with all sorts of goods.  If you are in the area you should stop by! Have a great week!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Freebie Friday, Teacher Style

Today's first freebie, and the only thing our garden successfully produced this year...
these beautiful peppers! YUM, except for the chili peppers, which have proven to be good for nothing!
Note to self: Next year, no chili peppers and no visiting critters such as sweet corn loving raccoons and whatever small animal loves tomatoes!

On to today's crafted freebie.  After much searching, my sister-in-law finally found a school that not only noticed her incredible teacher potential, but also had a spot for her on their payroll!  Congratulations Brooke! She is super excited about her new career but not nearly as enthusiastic about her "jail cell" looking classroom.  So, to help her brighten things up a bit, I concocted this...

Here's what you need...
1) a flat piece of something. I found a piece of wood that is about 6x8 inches.  
2)something to trim the finished piece with.  I used some old wood trim.
3)white, green, and black craft paint
4)hot glue
5)collection of old broken crayons

I started by painting the piece of wood white, letting it dry, and then sanding it a bit to give it a worn look.  Next, I drew the giant L and her name onto the white board.  Don't be fooled, I didn't freehand this.  I printed it off the computer, which also gave me a nice font selection, placed the paper onto the board and traced the letters, pressing very hard with a dull pencil. This left a light indent on the board which became super easy to follow.  Then, using a fine paint brush and black craft paint I painted in the letters of her name. 

Once the name had dried I began gluing on the crayons using a paring knife and a cutting board to make them the size I needed them.  Finally, I used the spare trim to make a frame around the edge.  This is really nothing fancy.  I used a miter box to cut the corners at 45 degree angles and hot glue to fix the frame together and to the finished board.  Paint the frame green and presto, you are finished!

I also make a better constructed, not-so-free, customizable version of this project upon request:)

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One, Two, Buckle my shoe.... ALL BY MYSELF!

We just celebrated my Little Miss' second birthday!  I can't believe it has been two years since she stole my heart!  She is growing so fast and learning new things every second.  She has had a really big month.  We moved her up to her big girl room (which is in the middle of a makeover... pictures to come) and she adores it!  She is now the master of the potty which was a ridiculously process that still has me saying the most absurd things to help her understand normal body functions.  Above all, the biggest change in the last month has been her attitude.  She is Miss Independent!  "I can do it all by myself!" I keep trying to tell myself that when baby debuts I'll appreciate her "I don't need your help" attitude, but for the time being it is solely a test of my patients.   She has also become the kid who refuses to smile at a camera simply because she knows I want her to, so this is one of the very few photos from her birthday where she is smiling.

To celebrate her big day we had a party with a carnival theme.  I whipped up these invitations in Photoshop and pieced them together with some scrapbooking paper and genuine ticket stubs. 

 We served a nice light dinner and lots of snacks including peanuts, Barnum's Animal Crackers, gobs of colorful candy and lollipops, and popcorn.  

Centerpieces were simple mason jars filled with gumballs and a homemade pinwheel.  So simple!  Check it out...Here.  

"Aunt Brookie" made the cupcakes. (Check her out at Cakebiz.) 

They were delicious, just ask the Birthday Girl!

Instead of traditional birthday hats we had balloon hats and clown noses.  We were so blessed to be surrounded by our family.  They were all so generous and Little Miss loves all her new toys, books, and clothes, especially the big girls panties!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you had a relaxing Labor Day and have a good week to follow!