Friday, September 23, 2011

Freebie Friday:Hand-me-down glam

Today marks week 38 of my pregnancy.  Baby number two seems to bake so much faster than baby number one.  My nesting phase has finally set in.  Little Miss and I spent the week shopping, organizing, and washing anything we could figure out how to take apart.  She is in heaven with all the baby seats and swings, turning them into napping places for her baby dolls.  She has grown up so much lately and says the funniest things such as "Hi Baby, I'm your big sister."  At our last doctor's appointment she told Doc "My Daddy loves this baby."  I almost cried!
Baby will have plenty of love and plenty of hand-me-downs.  So, for this week's freebie I wanted to come up with a fresh take on Little Miss' old clothes, starting with the onesies.  Every baby has them and every baby ruins them with generous doses of spit-up and massive blow-outs.  Here's my solution....

Actually, this solution is compliments of Simple Simon & Co.
Its called tea dying and you can get the tutorial by clicking on the name above.  
What you will need...
1) old stained onesies 
2) tea bags 
3) lace remnants
4) a few buttons
If you are a bit of a pack rat like myself these supplies should run you about $0.

Follow the dying tutorial then add lace and buttons wherever you see fit.  WaLa!! Vintage glam for a precious baby girl.  I'll let you know when I come up with a solution for baby boys.  
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  1. Leah,

    Will you add a picture or two to the flickr group...we would love to feature you!

  2. those look beautiful! Love the vintage lace look.


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