Monday, September 12, 2011

Well Rounded

Why "Well Rounded" you ask?  A sculpture instructor of mine, Leesa Haapapuro, once described creativity as a well; If you constantly draw creative inspiration from your well without filling it back up, your creativity will run dry.  SO TRUE!  I'm not so sure there are many 100% absolutely original ideas out there.  I think that we all draw from life; things we see, hear, and experience.  Then, when something catches our eye we interpret it in our own way, and, BAM... creativity happens!

My favorite part of blog land is filling up my well by keeping up with other bloggers, mostly craft blogs.  Here is my short  list of blogs that are not to be missed... 

My old way of keeping track of fun ideas was to copy and paste an image into a Word document.  Then, I'd print them off or save them to my desktop. Both of these methods made for messy desktops.  My new way of saving and organizing pictures... Pinterest.  Check it out!

Saturday I'll be at Fall Fest in Fort Loramie with all sorts of goods.  If you are in the area you should stop by! Have a great week!

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