Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One, Two, Buckle my shoe.... ALL BY MYSELF!

We just celebrated my Little Miss' second birthday!  I can't believe it has been two years since she stole my heart!  She is growing so fast and learning new things every second.  She has had a really big month.  We moved her up to her big girl room (which is in the middle of a makeover... pictures to come) and she adores it!  She is now the master of the potty which was a ridiculously process that still has me saying the most absurd things to help her understand normal body functions.  Above all, the biggest change in the last month has been her attitude.  She is Miss Independent!  "I can do it all by myself!" I keep trying to tell myself that when baby debuts I'll appreciate her "I don't need your help" attitude, but for the time being it is solely a test of my patients.   She has also become the kid who refuses to smile at a camera simply because she knows I want her to, so this is one of the very few photos from her birthday where she is smiling.

To celebrate her big day we had a party with a carnival theme.  I whipped up these invitations in Photoshop and pieced them together with some scrapbooking paper and genuine ticket stubs. 

 We served a nice light dinner and lots of snacks including peanuts, Barnum's Animal Crackers, gobs of colorful candy and lollipops, and popcorn.  

Centerpieces were simple mason jars filled with gumballs and a homemade pinwheel.  So simple!  Check it out...Here.  

"Aunt Brookie" made the cupcakes. (Check her out at Cakebiz.) 

They were delicious, just ask the Birthday Girl!

Instead of traditional birthday hats we had balloon hats and clown noses.  We were so blessed to be surrounded by our family.  They were all so generous and Little Miss loves all her new toys, books, and clothes, especially the big girls panties!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you had a relaxing Labor Day and have a good week to follow!

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