Behind the Blog

I'm Leah...The gal behind the blog.  I'm married to the most brilliant man I know, and Momma of two radiant girlies, who have grown faster than weeds.  It goes without saying, I'm obsessed with them!  They make me want to be the best version of me that I can be.

 The best me I can be... That's kind of where this blog comes in.  I want my thoughts to be organized, my projects completed, my creativity to grow, and my gift to inspire. 

Well Rounded.  A wise woman once told me that our creativity is like a well.  If we continuously draw from our well, it will dry out.  We are responsible for filling up our creative well by exposing ourselves to inspiration.  The world of creative blogs is one of my favorite ways to fill up my well.  There are so many clever, crafty people out there.  I love indulging in all that they have to offer in blog land.  Check out all the places I party to find some awesome bloggers!

On the flip side, Well Rounded is the platform from which I hope to inspire.  My hope is that you walk away from your visit with fresh ideas and DIY confidence!