Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What She Wore Wednesday

Welcome to another long awaited installment of What She Wore Wednesday, featuring my two year old fashion guru, Little Miss.  This week's outfit isn't the wildest thing she has ever come up with.  You certainly won't find this beautiful butterfly sun dress and polka dotted leggins in Vogue, but I wouldn't pick a fight if she wanted to leave the house in it. 
This outfit worked its way into the What She Wore Wednesday series mainly because of the way her two sidekicks are dressed.  


Check these darling babies out!  On the left we have Baby (Yes, her name is Baby.) She is sporting a pair of brown, orange, and yellow patterned slacks with a manufacturer-issued pink blouse.  She likes her britches large so she chose a 9 month size.  On the right we have Sally.  She chose to go topless but kept her outfit conservative by pulling her size 2T pants up to her armpits.  

Disappointed that she has been shown up by a couple of infants, Little Miss suggests that you stop back next week so she can prove she is still the best dressed, most fashionable two year old you have ever seen!

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