Monday, July 2, 2012

Sweet Memories

Just so you are up to speed, our family has recently taken up residence at my Grandma's.  She is recovering from a hip fracture and since I have been blessed with both the ability and the flexibility to help care for her, we packed up and moved in for awhile. 

Living with Grandma can be a real challenge, but it has its perks, too.  One of my favorites is the chance for my girls, husband, and myself to make new memories with her. 

As we were taking a Gator ride today, we drove past the beach area at the pond.  I commented about the out of control weeds and almost instantly my mind flashed back to a time, so many years ago, when I was in that very spot with my Grandpa. 

Grandpa and I had spent the day pulling all of the weeds from the sand and spreading fresh, soft sand over the beach.  He would dump the sand from the skid-loader bucket and I would work it around with the rake.  As we finished up our job, I remember him taking the rake and tediously making perfect lines in the sand.  Then, as we walked across it toward the house, he suddenly picked me up and said, "When you only see one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you."

What a sweet memory!  A sweet, priceless memory of my faith filled Grandpa!  I love knowing that we are creating moments like this each day that we are here.  There couldn't be any greater compensation for my work!


  1. That brought tears to my eyes Leah! Grandpa was a very special man! Love and miss him dearly. Erin

  2. Awesome story Leah!! :) Krista H.


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