Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nails on a Chalkboard

Aren't there words that just ERK you?  You know, things people say that just make you cringe. 

As kids, there were certain words that just weren't allowed to come out of our mouths, and to this day I'd rather listen to nails run across a chalkboard than hear them.  

And, although I occasionally let them fly, here's the list of things I won't let my kids say, and what we replace them with.

Replace with "quite please"
"I'm gonna kill you."
 No replacement... just don't say it!

"Oh, my God"
(when not speaking about the Lord.)
  We replace this with "oh, my heavens," which sounds adorable coming from a two year old's mouth!

"dang-it" or "damn-it"
We use  "dog-on-it" (Is that right?? We say it, but I've never had to spell it!) 
Or "piffle"... thanks Grandma!

We say "silly," which in certain situations sounds very silly.

So, now I'm dying to know... what's on your list??


  1. Growing up, we were never allowed to say "butt" or "suck". Once I was older, I never thought twice about saying those words. But...the thought of Hayes saying those words makes me cringe. So we will be doing come word re-placing in our house too!

  2. Yep! Those are on our list too!! My 4yr old calls stupid the s-word! so cute. Others I will not listen to are "butt", "freakin" which thankfully my kids dont say (yet), and I don't care for "fart" just sounds awful from my kids. What a fun post. We don't say "suck" either. Or "crap".


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