Saturday, February 18, 2012

Freebie Friday- Tea Dyed Dress

 A few weeks ago, I posted some family pictures that my friend Katie took for us.  I thought briefly spent a ridiculous amount of time planning our attire.  I wanted us all to coordinate, you know, look like we belonged together, without looking like we were trying too hard.  

I knew I wanted Munchkin to wear this tea-dyed onesie from a previous Freebie Friday.
So, on to Little Miss' dress, today's freebie. 
Etsy has, what I call t-shirt dresses, all over the place.  It's basically a t-shirt hacked off about half way down and an added skirt.  Simple right?!?
So here's what I did.  I found an old t-shirt from Little M's drawer and  tea-dyed  it.
Then, I added a two layered ruffle skirt. (insert imagination here!) There is no tutorial because I was really winging it.   
I hate to leave you hangin' so if you are interested,  Ashely over at Make It and Love It, has a nice tutorial, and a much more professional product if I must say so!

It turned out pretty cute, but a little rough.  The seam where the t-shirt met the skirt was a little frumpy, so I added this snazzy belt that I've been hanging onto for way TOO long.  No kidding, I think it's from Jr. High.  Sick, I know! 
Elastic that I had on hand helped to create more of a waist.  Finally, add a fun button.  Buttons make everything better!
t-shirt from drawer...$0.00
tea from pantry...0.00
white fabrics from "Jamie's Mom" collection...0.00
belt from Jr. High...0.00
button from my stash...0.00
 total... FREE!!!
...and pretty stinkin' cute!
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy weekend!



  1. What an adorable dress, a great idea. I love new ideas of what to do with tea. I am coming to you from Happy Hour Projects!


  2. Stopping by from the Weekend Wind Up!

  3. AWESOME!!! I love it when people use stuff they happen to have around and create something so cute! Great job!

    Thanks for linking it up @ Creatively Living!


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