Monday, July 4, 2011

Free Bees?

Well, as with most things, I'm two weeks behind on "Free Bee Fridays."  Maybe this idea was doomed for failure when I spelled freebies wrong. Just to clear things up, I am not giving away bees each Friday and there will be no running bee theme to my Friday crafting. How embarrassing!! I have decided to more appropriately rename the the day "Freebie Fridays."

Now that I've got that issue taken care of, let's move on to my tardiness.  Anyone who knows me can testify that I'm not super timely.  A terrible habit, I know.  From here forth I resolve to TRY to be a more timely blogger.   I'm sure my crazy long list of followers (16 in all, and I think I count for one or two:) will understand. 

To make up for my shortcomings, I present to you a special issue of the new and improved "Freebie Fridays," brought to you on this, a very special day, Monday.

  I found this project at Someday Crafts. Fun and FREE!
Here's what you need:
9 paint sticks (I must always forget to stir my paint because I have so many of these laying around.)
red, white and blue craft paint
old stain or ink... something to give it a weathered look
wood glue

Start with nine old paint sticks.  I know there are only seven shown, two come in later.

On the first 3 sticks draw a vertical line 3" in from the left side.  This will mark where the blue goes. 
Using any old craft paint start to fill in your color making the first stick red.

Next, use a piece of sandpaper to rough up the edges and rub off a bit of the paint. To complete the weathered look, use some old stain and a paper towel.  Add just the smallest amount of stain to each stick.  If it gets to be too much you can always sand it off.

Once the stain has dried assembly can begin.  Cut the last two paint sticks the width of the flag.  Apply a generous amount of wood glue and assemble your flag as shown.  I placed some heavy books on top while it was drying to help hold everything together.

To finish the flag, drill two small holes in the top corners.  Poke your string through the back and knot it on the front side.  You could hot glue it to the back if that would be easier.
 The creative lady at Someday Crafts added a starfish on top of the blue, but I was fresh out of starfish.  I think you get the idea anyways. 

 Ta Da! A free project to help celebrate the Fourth.

Happy Independence Day everybody!

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