Friday, June 17, 2011

FREE BEE Friday!

Of course, Friday has always meant the end of another work week, WHOOP! and the beginning of the weekend, WHOOP WHOOP!! This is reason enough to love Fridays, but then throw in a  little "baby takes nice long nap" mixed with "husband is home from work on time," and a dash of  "meatloaf, only homemade meal this week"  and you have a perfect day.  Why do you love Fridays??

Well, here is one more reason...

I'm working on a project that will add some spice to my Fridays here in blogland, and it goes by the name of "FREE BEE Friday."  For awhile I've been collecting projects that you can make at home with things you already own or can collect for free (or at least close to it.)  Free projects, you say?? YES! Just one more reason to love Fridays! This is sure to be your latest obsession!! Here is the first installment of "FREE BEE Fridays...

Make over your table with a new table runner and a fresh arrangement.

I made this runner from scrap fabric.  If you don't have a freakishly large supply of unused fabrics, like me,  you could use old dress shirts, blankets, or table clothes, just to name a few. 
I sewed my runner with stripes because the bits of burlap I had were small, and what's a good project without
some burlap?? The lining had a former life as a curtain, now the back of my table runner, which helps keep the burlap from fraying and makes everything look nice and neat.

Finally, my favorite part, a fresh arrangement picked from my yard.  The green is from a random, nameless bush out back and the purple is from my lavender patch.  I arranged the assortment in an old glass vase with a spare piece of ribbon and PRESTO, a FREE table makeover! 


BTW, If you are free in the morning you should come out to the Sidney Farmer's Market.  I'll be near the northwest corner selling all the things you can't live without.  Need a little extra incentive? My 
soon-to-be-sister-in-law will be selling her incredible cupcakes... YUM!

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