Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The BIG One

So recently I have been working on a SUPER BIG project.  It has taken up nearly all of my energy and, as a result, almost all of my time!  My blog posts have been few and far between. My house work has been delayed, or rather, forgotten.  My poor family didn't get a homemade supper for about 12 straight weeks. All this because my creating has been so focused on this one mammoth sized project.  Here it is...

    You must be thinking, "That's it?"  This is an easel that found me at an auction not oh so long ago.  The auctioneer pathetically begged the crowd to give him a buck, one whole dollar, for a heaping pile of junk.  Sympathetically, I raised my hand and became the lucky winner.  As I loaded up my treasures I found this easel.  It was in pretty rough shape but just charming enough to deserve a second life.  I added a simple curtain to cover the strange area at the top and gave the chalkboard a fresh coat of chalkboard paint.  But enough about that, on to the gigantic project.  Look closely at the picture...

   This is my family! My husband, me, our Little Miss, our pretentious dog, Brew, and our newest addition, and my latest creation, a baby! Yep! I'm pregnant with our second!  Week 15 is approaching and I'm feeling better every day.  My energy is slowly returning, thank God!  Just in time too, I can't stand to be one with the couch when its this nice outside! We are so excited to meet this new little blessing face to face!


  1. yay!! I've been waiting for this blog post:) I'm ready for your energy to come back so you will post more. Not that I have room to talk...

    Congrats again on your new little baby in your belly!

  2. CONGRATS!!!! Aunt Alyse didn't mention this on Easter...this little precious gift is so blessed with awesome Mommy, Daddy, sister & family!


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