Monday, January 17, 2011

NOT Another Manic Monday!

Finished! After much sorting, purging and rearranging, my work space is organized!  Persistence has been key, as I started my clean sweep last week, but I finished strong today and I vow that my work room will never see another manic Monday.   I sifted through old photo albums and random stacks of pictures with my relatively new "mommy filter," getting rid of any photo that I would have a hard time explaining to my daughter.  I sorted through tangled messes of failed knitting projects, and rearranged my mini library, grouping books by the color of their spine, which although less practical than by subject, is much more pleasing to the eye :)

I have included photos in black and white to keep save you from what I feel is a potential cause for my mess in the first place.  It was probably my attempt at hiding the very loud, navy blue, shag carpet. Puke!  As I cleaned I came across many projects that never got off the ground.  My hope is that with a tidy work space I'll bring many of my ideas to life!

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  1. I love the before and after pics:) Good point on the "mommy filter." Sounds like a good idea for my nesting phase.


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