Monday, August 15, 2011

For the Birds

Baby is now 32 weeks old and is having all too frequent play dates with Braxton, braxton hicks that is.  At least I'm hoping that the awful contraction-like pains that kept me from sleeping last night are only false labor.  I'm not ready for baby to make his or her debut yet.  Whatever it is, its for the birds!

The feature bird of this post is the peacock.  In early July, my brother Caleb said his I do's to his better half, Brooke.  Brooke has an eye for style and wanted their wedding to include lots of peacock feathers. 

 I'm super ashamed that I didn't do a better job of photographing all the work I did for the wedding on their wedding day, so I recreated some of the centerpieces in the backyard.

I loved the weedy natural look of the flowers she chose.  Instead of fancy ribbon she picked string, just plain brown string.  It couldn't have been more charming!

Half of the tables had flower arrangements and the other half had these great candlesticks.  We wrapped them with the same brown string and they fit right in with the decor.  

Lots of candlelight helped to made the casual feel of the weeds, feathers and string very romantic. 

The reception was held  in a beautiful red barn which helped give the whole wedding a very country vintage feel.  

My favorite part may have been seeing their flower girl, my Little Miss, prance down the aisle.  She decided she didn't need her flowers to look good. 

Beautiful couple, huh??  I'm bound to get some super gorgeous nieces and nephews!
And, look at that bouquet!
Congratulations guys!


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  1. Those are great Leah!! Charming is the PEFECT word for them!! And she looks soooo beautiful! Her dress is gorgeous! Great job on everything :)


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